Awoke with a Burden

25 02 2011


I awoke this morning with a strange feeling.  I went into our great room, built a roaring fire, ground some fresh coffee, pushed it through my French press, and opened my Bible.  I was led to two passages: Luke 20-21 and Isaiah 61.  As I read, the burden I felt on the shoulders of my heart increased.  I just sat there transfixed by the fire and invigorated by the caffeine of my simmering cup of coffee.  (I make great coffee by the way.)

The snow was falling outside and darkness covered the forest even though it was already 7:00a.m.  Frost covered the trees.  It was quiet in our home—a rarity.  As I read of the Pharisees attitude toward Jesus in Luke 20, the coming of destruction of Jerusalem in Luke 21, concluding with the mission of Jesus in Isa 61, I felt weighed down.  I felt this pressure on my heart for the Church.  I felt a foreboding, a mysterious dread.  The sense was of rejection, of a great quenching by the Church of America.

I didn’t hear an audible voice.  I didn’t even feel close to God this morning.  No, it felt more like air pressure when you’re flying.  I know that sounds crazy but the air of the room, the atmosphere, the humidity of the room was filled with something.  I just kept feeling and hearing this sentence, “the power of the Word and Spirit.”

I then led our family in devotions from Isa 61:1.  Just verse 1.  I was freshly captivated by verse 1.  I didn’t read any further.  Verse one is all about the “Spirit of God” coming upon us, and then what the Spirit of God does when He comes upon us.  Really simple:  He anoints; brings good news; binds up; brings liberty; opens up prison doors.  That’s it.  That’s all.  That’s incredible.

I can’t shake the thought that the Church in America needs Jesus back!  The Church in America must experience the “dunamis”  of the Word and Spirit.  Jesus wants an Isaiah 61 anointed church.  Jesus is searching for churches who want the Isa 61:1 Spirit anointing.  I want Isa 61:1 anointing again and again.  I need a fresh anointing.  Mountain Springs Church  needs a fresh encounter, a fresh anointing.  I am praying for the Church of America and Mountain Springs Church.

Thanks for listening to my musings,




15 responses

25 02 2011
Susan Kamlan

I so agree, Is. 42:3 then later in the verse… we all need him, more and more.. His unquenchable fire, and passion. His Spirit. Thanks

25 02 2011
Laurie Rolfe

Great word, Steve. Praying for that too…

25 02 2011
Dusty Rhodes

Loved that Steve. Thanks,

25 02 2011
Andy Hornbaker

Great word. The church needs Jesus — back!

25 02 2011
Kathi Huffman Merritt

I’ve been reading “Radical” and the Holy Spirit is convicting me of my role in the church as a Jesus follower.

25 02 2011
Greg Kappas

Jesus, give each of us a fresh annointing in and through Your Spirit…may the Spirit of the Lord be upon us…

25 02 2011
Andy Hornbaker

Steve, great word, and very well written. That statement about the church in America needs Jesus back! Killer statement. You need to do something with that — a sermon by that title, an article, etc, but you really have something there. Love you, my brother. Andy

25 02 2011
Heidi Woodward

Thanks for this word, Steve. I totally agree. My heart breaks when I see church’s lax attitude. Thank you for being so frank and honest. The church does need America back. I pray that the fire spreads as each of us take this call up. Thanks!

25 02 2011
Diana Houck

Thank you for sharing Steve. My heart aches for the ones who don’t know Jesus. And the Radical book has really just kicked me into action to show Jesus to others. We need to wake up and realize what we have and others don’t. I will be sharing my faith even more now. It has been wonderful praying for neighborhoods what a blessing to pray.

25 02 2011
John Shumaker

Wow, boy do I agree with your feelings! I’ve had a burden to share Rev 2:1-7 where Jesus reminds the church to go back to their first love. We get so busy going about the King’s business we have no time for the King!

25 02 2011
steve holt

Jesus indeed wants His church back and He is crying out in the court of our churches for pastors to wake up, repent and invite Him to take over as The lead pastor and lead power again. Great comments by each of you.

26 02 2011
Jan Inman

I too have been praying for the Church to be strong and courageous as we face uncertain and even frightening times. I know God is sovereign and His plans will prevail over the Enemy. I just pray that God’s people would love His word and not believe the deception that is here and will grow in the coming days. I love this verse that encouraged my heart this morning “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” I Cor 2:14 We are the aroma of Christ to a dying world as we carry Him with us everywhere we go. Just as the smell pleased the Lord at the Altar of incense in the temple, may our prayers ascend to Him as a sweet smelling aroma.

27 02 2011
Lorena Wood

It starts with Me, it starts with You not just a plural “church” we can’t be like the Pharasee’s in Jh. 8 “this women caught in adultery, the law says to stone her, what do you say” Jesus reply “whoever is w/o sin cast the first stone. It’s easy to point fingers at others but let’s examine our lives, what are we doing with our neighbors, the lost, how are we spending our $, our time. Great serman by Pastor Daniel -what are others saying about us? God, bring your power and change us and empower us to be what you call us to be.

5 03 2011
Susan W

“My people need me” I thought this was a weird thing to ‘sense’ yet I know it has taken me several months/years to peel back the busyness of my life, to soften my heart, and to let go of the cares of this world (everyday). I love Jesus, I love the intimate times with Him, and (more practically speaking) the awareness of Him with me in everything. Peace.

7 03 2011
Dorinda Jacksch

Steve, the words in your blog are truth evident in the falling of this nation. We are seeing so many changes occuring in the churches, the schools and in government. Let us stand upon the altar and shout the truth of His Saving Grace; and let our Lord lead our churches and our nation.
Even if He is not set to arrive tomorrow; another day is one more day closer. Let us be lead by our Lord to grow with an even stronger passion for His coming. Amen.

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